How it works

Users log in to the platform and connect their devices, transactions, profiles, geo-location, website clicks, settings, preferences and countless other data sources. This is their personal data and today’s switched-on consumers understand how valuable it is.  

Decidr’s unique, single view database architecture automatically enriches and connects limitless data objects with relevant brands. This means that brands can create their own custom apps, including insight dashboards, surveys, chat features, microsites and more based on this aggregated data. This is bolstered by machine learning and supports complex data sharing and consent management.

The benefits of Decidr

For consumers, the platform delivers ever-increasing levels of personalisation, including smarter rewards and interactions. 

These features combine to deliver significant revenue growth and innovation opportunities by rewarding connected data, desired customer behaviours and attribution.

The Decidr platform gives genuinely consumer-centric companies ready-made tools to take full advantage of the global shift towards new personal data access opportunities.

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